We provide essential services and products to businesses cost effectively. Instead of hiring full time employees, clients save money by using us as needed. 

Contact us to discuss your needs. We can scope your project and provide you with a proposal. All communications are kept in strict confidence.  

Sales -- Your marketing team is generating leads, but you need sales people to follow up and close. Perhaps no sales plan is yet in place and you need us to develop one and execute. Our team is experienced in B2B sales both direct and channel. We can be your sales team or we can supplement your existing one. 

Customer Success -- Our objective is to help you retain and develop a loyal customer base. Loyal customers are more likely to renew or buy again; they can reveal hidden sales opportunities in the account, they can provide competitive insights, they can offer valuable suggestions for how to improve your product or service, and they are likely to recommend acquisition of your product to future employers. Our post sales programs are methodical customer contact services custom designed around your company’s needs and capabilities. 

Product Training--Are you currently using all hands to do customer training? You would like to have a full time trainer, but currently other priorities are claiming scarce resources. Our experienced staff will learn your product, understand how the user interfaces with it, design a curriculum, or use yours, be alert for additional sales opportunities and deliver customer training online or onsite. 

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